About Us

Get your Rok and Wag on!

Rok & Wag is a small operation started by Jude & Chris based just outside Glasgow.
Headed up by Roky, our Border Terrier, we have put together a limited amount of good quality T-shirts, bags, and made some other BT inspired bits and bobs with the aim of providing the Border Terrier community with a quality product.
Our T-shirts are Fruit of the Loom, bags are high quality organic and ethically sourced, kind to the environment and built to last! 
Roky's principle is that you get fed up eating the same dog treats all the time and it's good to mix things up, so we've only printed a limited edition, once they're gone we plan to change the colours/designs to keep things interesting.
The Rok and Wag mission is to have a Border Terrier enthusiast on every continent wearing a Rok and Wag T-shirt, so send us your photos! 
If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say hiya! you can email us on rokandwag@gmail.com or use our contact form  
Happy Rok and Wagging